Guardian scheme

The Crystal Group is a charity, and survives financially through funds generated from retreats and other donations. We have had major expenses lately in restoring and extending Maitreya House, and are actively seeking ways to raise funds to meet these commitments, and to maintain our activities as a key centre for the study of Buddha Dharma.

One way we can raise funds is through the Guardian scheme for Maitreya House. Through this scheme, individuals offer contributions, normally using a monthly standing order. Any contribution is welcomed as dana.

The suggested minimum dana is £10, but any contribution is welcome.

If you are able to help, please copy the form below and set up an arrangement with your bank, and send a copy to Simon Michaels (treasurer) at 27 Plasturton Avenue, Cardiff CF11 9HL, tel 0845 458 0060.

We can augment the donation trhough Gift Aid if you sign the form to confirm that you are a UK tax payer.

Print the forms.

Other donations

A number of individuals have generously contributed to the on-going expenses of the Crystal Group. Many thanks to your invaluable help.

If you are able to make a one-off donation at any time, please use our Charity Giving site, see link above.