Natural Awakening - by Tarchin Hearn

Written April 24/00 Wangapeka

Peeing in a field
So natural
So ordinary

Stream of crystal cascading,
arcing through space
curving with the mystery of gravity
splatting against a flowering weed
and spraying fountain-like radiant orbs
raining down in all directions.

Cells of plants shifting in response to salts and temperature.
Tiny insects, flattened, life terminated by a blob of liquid as vast as the sky.
Soil creatures responding to sugars and acidities
A world of countless beings transforming
Bending the face of the universe
Responding to a shower of pee.
Thirsty roots happy in the rain of blessing.
Bursting cell walls and crushed legs and antennae
writhing in the great eco-disaster.
The satisfaction of emptied bladder.
Soaking in the sun and thinking happy thoughts.
Life flows on
transformation endlessly.
No stops
No stepping out to ponder skilful action
Our stepping out is itself an action.

Breathing in, the world transforms.
Breathing out, the world transforms.
Drinking in, the world transforms.
Peeing out, the world transforms.

The first step of natural awakening is to bring peace to the frantic reactiveness in body, emotion, and intellect; to encourage the balm of ease and clarity, to thoroughly moisten the entire arising now.

The second step: Resting in the place of nowhere else to rest, the thinking begins to look deeply into all perceived assumptions; to translucentise all opacity.

The third step is to learn to dwell in this, in a wider and wider range of circumstances, all the time discovering an ever greater depth and profundity of question.

The fourth step is to interact with each and every being from this place of boundless wonder, interaction, interbecoming.

The fifth step is to realise that the first four have been effortlessly arising all the time.

The sixth step is innate humour, joy, clarity, presence, nothing more to "practice" resting in the fullness of nowness being itself.