Membership of the Crystal Group supports the running of the charity, which aims to promulgate the teachings of The Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche, and contributes towards the administration of Maitreya Retreat Centre.

Creating a regular income by standing order donations

This is a very valuable source of income, our "bread and butter" if you like. We know each month what we are likely to have coming in to cover expenses. We have come up with a way to combine Membership with a Donation as a "Friend" - by Standing Order.

If you set up a standing order (form attached), starting from April 2012, you can add a Reference - Membership; or Membership and Friend of MH; or Friend of MH. Our bookkeeper will deduct the Membership fee from donation before applying for Giftaid.

~ Membership - by Standing Order will be £24 per year/ £2 per month. (by Cheque will remain at £25)

~ Membership plus Friend of MH - should be more than £24 per year (minimum £3 per month). (giftaid applies to the amount exceeding membership)

~ Friend of MH - Can be any amount monthly or annually.(giftaid is applied to these donations)